Cleaning and care

Hand-wash for a long service life
Fissler recommends washing its high-quality knives by hand. Washing them under running water with a little dishwashing liquid and drying them carefully (from the blade spine toward the cutting edge) is sufficient to prevent corrosion.

Safe and simple work with sharp knives
Every knife becomes less sharp over the course of time. The blade must be re-sharpened regularly, because a sharp knife is safer than a blunt one. It can more easily cut through the food, without fatigue to the hand.

Sharpening systems

Fissler recommends using a sharpening steel to sharpen your knives. Hold it out at arm's length from your body. To sharpen, draw the blade over the entire length of the sharpening steel several times, from the handle to the tip, on both sides of the blade. When doing so, the knife should be vertical and at an angle of 20° to the sharpening steel


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