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The secret of the Fissler bionic.

Bionics is based on the recognition that nature and its processes produce structures which people can transfer onto everyday objects. A well-known example of bionics is the “lotus effect” which can now be found in outdoor building and automotive paints, and which helps surfaces to remain clean by causing water to run off in droplets – just as it does from the surface of a lotus flower in nature.

For the Fissler bionic, too, the key lies in an observation from nature: the principle of a beaver’s tooth. Fissler has made perfect use of the extraordinary structure of the beaver’s tooth and worked hard to develop it to perfection. Fissler uses a patented technology to coat the front edge of the blade with an ultra-hard high-tech substance whose structure is similar to a diamond’s. The Fissler bionic is as robust as the tooth of a beaver.  A knife forever.

  • Quality, Tradition & Innovation
  • Made in Solingen/Germany
  • Handmade Masterpiece
  • Patented Technology

Fissler bionic Chef`s knife, 20 cm

The chef's knife for every occasion – for chopping herbs, cutting fish, meat and vegetables.

bionic-2013-04 02

Fissler bionic Santoku knife, 18 cm

The Asian cutting sensation – with a broad blade for cutting vegetables, fish and meat effortlessly.

bionic-2013-05 02
The Fissler bionic is exclusively available at selected stores.

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