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Superior product ideas have ensured for decades that Fissler is one of the world’s leading brands on the cookware market. In its search for excellent solutions the company constantly works on new ideas, but it also enhances existing products. Consequently year after year Fissler introduces products on the market which make cooking even simpler and ensure the users have more fun when they cook. 

Fissler sets cooking trends
The company constantly sets standards and starts new cooking trends. Numerous patents, utility models and design awards document the company's performance capability.

A current example of Fissler's innovative strength is the new premium line solea®. The innovative pouring function  means that liquids can be poured with the lid still on. The awkward use of dish towels, potholders and strainers is therefore a thing of the past.

Many other Fissler innovations have revolutionized the world of cooking and enjoyment:

  • the first Fissler pressure cooker in 1953;
  • the elegant corrugated rim of the magic line to permit liquids to be poured, without dripping or spilling;
  • the trendy combination of cast aluminum, glass and stainless steel of the black edition;
  • the Saft-O-Matic for feeding in liquids automatically while food is roasting in the roaster; 
  • the nonstick coating Protectal Plus for pans;
  • the CookStar all-stove base which provides perfect stability to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly on the stove, thus saving energy.


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